I was supposed to write this last night, but I fell asleep and woke up some time around two in the morning with a laptop and headphones wrapped around my face. Lately, I’ve had a pretty bad hankerin for Chinese food. I really wanted to go try a few places that are in the neighborhood, but I’ve also wanted to cook my own some time. Well, for lunch, I cooked up a decent batch of hot and sour soup. It wasn’t close to looking like what you’d get in a restaurant, but it tasted the same. For dinner I cooked up a batch of broccoli beef and pork fried rice. My pork fried rice recipe is tried and true, but the broccoli beef was new. It started out kind of weird, but ended up tasting pretty decent. Again, not as good as take away, but decent for my first try. I’ll have to make them a few more times to get the recipes down, and I’m happy to announce that my Chinese food meter is back in the green.