Friday night I didn’t really have any plans… usual, but then my sister-in-law called me up and asked if I wanted to go to a comedy club over in Portland. I haven’t been to a real live comedy club in ages, so I tagged along. We stopped at a hole in the wall sushi place for dinner along the way, and it turned out to have a decent selection of sushi. Since moving up north, I’ve been experiencing sushi withdrawals, because for being this close to the sea, Washington sushi places suck ass. You know a sushi restaurant is going to be bad when you ask the waiter if they have specific types, and he “a Japanese fellow” looks at me with a blank look, and has no idea what I’m talking about? This place only served sushi, but they had all of my favorites which triggered a feeding frenzy. I think I stopped at 13 individual plates, and a coke. When we were done, we had to rush over the river to the comedy club, but no fear! My lame ass GPS is here! Portland streets are so messed up and confusing that they can make the Pope want to kill. Thanks to the stupid GPS on my phone, we ended up on the wrong side of Portland. Eventually we got to the right area, but my GPS struck again by calling a five block area “my destination”. When we finally parked, got hassled by bums selling stupid crap, and a few pan handlers, we finally got to the cub thirty minutes late. We squeezed in through a side door and found our table. Thank God it was in the back, because by the time we got there I was in a foul mood and in need of a few drinks without being hassled by a comic. The rest of the evening was great. I even found the food cart coral where you can go during the day and eat from about twelve different specialty food carts like the ones you see on the food network. As much as I hate Portland with its messed up streets, drug addicted, vintage clothes wearing, bacon eating militant vegans, I would make a trip back to hit the food carts.