OK, I wanna know how come we call the regular, less fortunate people pregnant, but the rich and famous get a “baby bump”? The friggin idiot who coined that phrase A: should be kicked in the face, and B: should have slapped a copyright on the phrase, because every idiot journalist on the planet uses it about 300 too many times every day. Holy crap! I can’t open ANY news page anywhere without hearing mysterious giggling coming from my monitor and flashing text saying OOoooOOoo so and so has a new baby bump! Oh giggle! I’ve seen it in SO many places and SO many publications that I really feel like bitch slapping the next person who says it. I swear journalism is completely dead in this country. I guess they don’t teach people how to find their own voice any more while studying journalism. I guess all they have to do now is pass the “just say what everyone else says, and call it good” class with a “C” or better and Poof! You are a reporter!

For me, the word lemming comes to mind……I’m not just bitching about the liberal use of baby bump. I’m talking about how every news caster and reporter seems to wait for one clever word to be used in the wee hours of the morning, then everyone and his brother uses the same damn clever phrase every three and a half seconds for the rest of the day. I guess individual thinking is hard these days…

People! Try to think for yourselves regardless of what the masses tell you! Thinking for your self doesn’t hurt! You may even learn something, and, or come off as actually sounding intelligent!