One big problem with attending Clark College is that it’s in the gloomy State of Washington, and the state of technology is at about 1960. I guess being born and raised in the Bay Area spoiled me in a lot of ways. Back home we had good food, bank branches that worked, more teeth, less smokers, diversity, and cool stuff like that. Unfortunately for me, the things that hurt the most are the lack of good food, and modern technology. Most colleges offer some sort of financial aid to its students to help pay for their education, and so far, each quarter I have attended Clark I’ve had some kind of issue getting mine. This quarter they decided to try something new and exciting. They figured we all needed debit cards. I don’t know why they can’t just set up an automatic deposit for each student? To me that would save a lot of resources as well as time. I guess I’m the only one that thinks that. I really don’t know the reasoning behind this idiotic move, but now that all of the money being paid out to the students is now longer in check form. Instead, they deposit the money on to a pre-paid like credit card. Since they shipped out the cards long before this quarter started, most of the people “like me” lost their friggin cards. I guess that pissed off the school, because a new card is gonna cost me $20.00. That’s wonderful. Meanwhile, all of the money that I would normally pay bills and buy food with is locked in an account I can’t even access without the damn number off the card? You would think they would make it possible to access your account information by using a user name and pin number, but no, I guess that’s asking too much. So until I get a new card, I can’t even view the money I can’t access. It makes no sense to me. Any time you mention automatic deposit in a public place, people talk in hushed tones like you are talking against some all powerful ruler…I guess I’m a dumbass because I think I accidently shredded my new card, but it shouldn’t have been put on a card to begin with. 

Now watch, next quarter it will all change again….