I just finished forcing myself to read “Utilitarianism” By Jeremy Bentham, and now I am thinking I need to get into philosophy. All I need to do is sit around all day, and think about things that don’t matter. I could even write a book that makes no sense. The key to the book is repeating three or four words a few hundred times, and slap a “The End” on it. I know he was one of the greatest “thinkers” in history, but I’m a lummox, so I found no pleasure in reading his work. I did experience a lot of pain though. Pain, pain, pain. Does that make me a painful Lummox or a pleasurable Lummox?

This class is going to be a killer…….I’ve only read four short works by different “thinkers”, and I am starting to “think” it’s possilble to kill one’s self with a spork….because it’s the closest pointy thing. Though I’m sure I won’t find pleasure in it.