The Clark College campus was hit by vandals last night. Good thing they waited until after the cherry blossom festival that was held here on campus was over. It was a pretty big deal, and the mayor was even here. Our
polite vandals mostly spray painted the usual illegible gang banger gibberish, but one of them also painted a huge “naughty bit” on one of the campus maps. Vandalism of any kind is wrong, but this map marking was almost kind of funny only because the security guard who called it in was told to stand in front of it, in the pouring rain, so no one could see it and possibly be offended.  At least that’s what I heard over his radio as  I walked by. I knew he was embarrassed that a student heard his supervisor tell  him to “guard the weenie”, because he made a point of not making eye contact  with me as I passed. OK his supervisor didn’t use the word weenie, but I would  have if I was in on that conversation. Anyway I felt his pain, and I pretended like I wasn’t paying attention. What I really wanted was for him to pose next  to it like a trophy fish, so I could take a picture to post along with this blog entry. It’s safe to say that today probably wasn’t the highlight of that guard’s security career.