Tomorrow is a new day. At least that’s what I keep telling myself. I’m still struggling with my English class. It makes me feel like a dumbass, because everyone else seems to cheerfully “get it”. They act like they are reading the Sunday comics, but for me, most of the reading is way past my comprehension level.  I feel like I could have saved some cash by just heading down town, and listen to some drunks babble. At least the drunk is still alive, so I could clarify what he meant by “berrrabbabble-nom-nom burp”. The guys I have to write about have been dead for 40 to 400 years, so they are of no help to me. If someone explains what points are being made I totally get it, but since some of the reading dates as far back as 1650, I am having trouble understanding the complete argument/meaning. If I could just fill in the holes, I’d be fine. Maybe if there were more pictures to go along with the text like stick figures acting out the writer’s thoughts. I guess Philosophy isn’t my thing. Now that we are starting the third week, it’s too late to try something else, so now all I have to do is suck it up for a few more months, and it will be done….  

I think he’s confused too…..