Kevin Letterman

ENGL 103

Essay 1 2/20/11

                 What is morality? Is it an unseen force that so holds us in its grip that without abiding by it, we could no longer function successfully as individuals or as a society? Or is it merely a suggestion; something that we as individuals can freely choose to abide by or ignore? Some believe we all make moral decisions both good and bad every day whether we realize it or not.

BADASS! This is all I have!

I’ve had a week to put together a simple four or five-page rough draft together on which of the four works I’ve read over the last two weeks appeals to me the most. I can write a five-page essay in an hour, and get an A. This crap is driving me friggin nuts! I have never been in a class that has made me feel as ignorant as this one has. I am almost too embarrassed to show up to class each day. I kinda know what I need to write, but so far everything I put on the damn paper sounds like I copied it straight from the sample essay we read in class. To me, the text is just a bunch of words. I can’t make heads of tails out of 90% of it. This quarter is only three weeks old, and so far it has been a total shit storm! I am so sick of this crap! And I don’t even need any of these classes! Thank God that out of all the classes I needed, I had to settle with these to keep my full-time status. I’m so deflated, and pissed off I can’t even compose a simple rant!