I had this all ready to post, and I fell asleep before I pressed enter. Then I woke up at 3am with headphones, and an Ipod wrapped around my face. Oh well, as you read this, pretend it was yesterday…..


Today didn’t get off to a great start. I got up late and for some reason, as I ran out the door, I thought I still had time to stop, and get a bagel. I wasn’t super late, and bagels only take about 8 minutes at the most. When I got to the bagel shop, I saw that the single people in front of me were buying in bulk. When they had been taken care of the woman in front of me with her three kids in tow; all of them looking like they just rolled out of a nest, proceeded to block the whole counter. The youngest of them couldn’t have been more than nine years old, and the oldest maybe thirteen. Talk about an exercise in mass indecision. All of them changed their minds about three different times, and each waited until it was his turn before he began to even think about what he wanted. The whole time they stood there and contemplated, the youngest one greedily clapped his hands like he was looking at a 40 foot candy cane. All of them were overweight and wayyyy to excited about getting food. They finally narrowed down their order when the three feral kids managed to change their order for a fourth time. I almost asked if I could just get my one thing so I wouldn’t die standing in line. Then when they were asked what they wanted to drink, out of the huddle came a vote for hot chocolate. Then they mumbled something, and mom agreed to let each one have a shot of espresso added to their coco. I thought to myself “Go mom! Way to kill your less than thirteen year old kids with caffeine at seven in the morning”. I guess they were on their way to school, so mom either didn’t care, or hated their teachers. When the food finally came, the one clappy kid seemed to down his bagel in less than three bites. No wonder he looks like he’s made of putty. So finally after a few entertaining minutes, I got my bagel, and made it to school.


Hummm, some girl finally gave trying to park a 16 passenger van in a compact space, and sped away? Why do people drive such huge cars up here? She’d have issues parking that big piece of crap in a dockyard. I guess any 18 year old is cool when they can sit their car for sixteen days straight, and never be in the same seat twice.

One hour later:

I just heard some girl in the common area I am sitting in yell in to her cell phone “doesn’t Chris know you’re pregnant!” Apparently not, but he might now that she screamed that out in the middle of a crowded common area….I wonder how many people heard that, and called their friends named Chris to ask who the lucky girl was?