Well tomorrow I get to go to the doctor. My yearly cold has
reached its third week, and I am getting tired of it. I also need to get
scheduled for a blood test. I was supposed to have one done six months ago, but
an exam kept me from going. Something is wrong. I noticed a little mole looking
thing on my eyelid a few years ago, and thought it was just a mole. Well now
that I am on chapter 16 in my medical terminology text book, I found out it isn’t
a mole.

“Patients with such deposits, a condition called Xanthelasma,
actually have normal cholesterol levels. The research team therefore believes
that buildup of cholesterol on the eyelid is perhaps a marker for cardiac risk,
regardless of a patient’s cholesterol profile.”

Nice. I’ve also started having leg cramps at night off and on, but
ever since my latest calf crap last night, the muscles from my knees down have
been twitching like they really, really want to cramp. I drink plenty of water,
keep up on vitamins and such, and even though I post some pretty scary food, I
actually eat a pretty well balanced diet, so now I am getting worried. Thanks
to no friggin healthcare, I get to wait until 6pm tomorrow night when the free
clinic opens to be seen. It’s right down the street from school, so I will head
over after my last class to get in line. The Xanthelasma itself is harmless
so it doesn’t bother me too much. According to everything I have read on them,
lowering cholesterol levels, and exercise can make them go away. It’s the “these
may mean other problems” part of the diagnosis that bothers me. Now adding the
twitchy crampy leg thing to this whole mess is really getting irritating.
Getting old sucks ass.