I go to Clark College up here in Southern Washington. The weather sucks most of the time, but there are some sunny days. The campus looks
more like a golf course than a college which works out great on those few and  far between sunny days. Last week, all of the trees started blossoming; then we had a nasty storm. I’ll have to wait until I go to class tomorrow to see if all of the new blossoms were knocked off. If they are there will not only be a mess, but the campus will be back to looking a nice shade of “wintery dull”. Here are some pictures I took when the sun decided to pop out.

This is where I enter the campus every day.

That was the campus map that got tagged a while back. I’m glad they were able to clean it up.

On my way to my afternoon class.

Looks more like a park than a school. I guess thats a good thing.