I went to the local Asian market to stock up on supplies, and scored a few of those stainless coffee filters you get when you order Vietnamese iced coffee. Then I found some really good Trung Nguyen coffee, and some sweetened condensed milk. When I got all the loot home, I decided to try the whole process out. Now that I am on my third triple espresso in a couple of hours, I FEEL GREAT! IT”S JUST LIKE IN THE RESTAURANT! LOOKS LIKE I’LL BE UP ALL NIGHT DOING HOMEWORK!!!!!! RAAAAAA! COFFEE!

Oh, and I got some neat nibbles too. One jar of preserved mustard greens, peanuts, and chili. It’s really good. I also got a jar of tiny pickled  Thai chilies, a bunch of mini Ecuadorian bananas, and a mini watermelon cake. I haven’t tried the watermelon cake yet, but it smells amazing. I also stocked up on all of my Asian spices, sauces, and condiment, so I’m set for cooking all kinds of stuff for the next six months.