Here I am, again, working on a paper that is due tomorrow. This one is pretty close to being finished though. Even though it’s almost finished, I have zero ambition to finish it. This class has ruined my will to write. I usually love to write about things I know, and things that are new, but these essays I am writing about mean nothing to me. I think the authors are so full of crap I can’t believe people actually study what they publish. I only have two weeks left, and I feel like it’s two weeks too long. I’m done with it. Thursday we have a field trip to the Portland Museum of Art to look for inspiration for our next writing assignment. I like art, I like writing, but somehow I get the feeling there will be some Freudian twist on the subject that will make it about as fun as poking glass chips in my eyes. Now that the quarter is almost over, I can look back over what I have learned from this class. What that is, is basically philosophy is a crock of shit, and philosophers are scam artists who eeked out a living by trying to explain
simple things like Yoda, so they sound different and exciting. Exciting my ass.