I was all prepared to write something funny about something absurd, but the bacon, egg, and cheese bagel I ate for breakfast in the parking lot seems to have wiped my memory. Stupid memory interfering bacon!

I turned my paper in yesterday. I guess it was good enough. Tomorrow we get to go to the Portland Museum of Art to find something inspirational to write about. I am still suspicious about the purpose of the paper. So far it sounds like we are just writing about a specific piece of art from
the museum that moved us. All I keep telling myself is glass, glass, glass: Please let there be some kind of silver gelatin object: something lowbrow and surreal might be nice. All of this reading about art has brought back memories of the art history class I took a couple of years ago, and I’m pleasantly surprised at how much I retained from it. After yesterday’s class discussion, I think I
surprised a few of my classmates by how much I did know about different types of art. “Insert spelling of someone sticking out their tongue in defiance”. Hahahahahaha


Here are a few of my more modern favorites. One is by Mark Ryden, and the other is by Ray Caesar.

“Rosie’s Tea Party”, by Mark Ryden


“Companion”, by Ray Caesar

Yes, I seem to have odd tastes…..