Hooray! I get to go to the Portland Museum of Art today. I like museums, and I don’t visit them quite as often as I should.


“Wow, someone just tripped and fell flat on their face right in front of me, and I completely forgot what I was going to write”


What’s weird is she looked me right in the eye before getting back on her feet. Did she think I was going to laugh, or was that out of pure embarrassment? I trip on things all the time, but I am pretty agile for
a big guy, so I rarely fall down. Any time I actually fell down, I was never lucky enough to have an audience. I should have given her something for the show. Maybe flash a score card, or even hand her a nickel for her performance. I don’t think she would have understood the nickel gesture though. Only I have that kind of warped sense of humor. Whoever she was, I hope her day gets better.