OK, I’ve put this off for various reasons, but I promise to fill in the holes tomorrow…or since its already 1:17 in the morning tomorrow, I will fill in the holes that seem to be riddling the last five days.

Just in case I forget, please remind me.

1) I just watched an amazing movie, so I will need to catch up on my crappy movie reviews. There should be six or seven in all.

2) I need to write about the final days of this quarter, and how I went from happy to sad to happy again, and to sad again, but ending with happy.

3) I may even post the final essay I turned in for advanced comp. Or part of it anyway. I’m very happy with it.

4) Food stuff…

5) Near future stuff.

So if you don’t see this list or at least a proper try at this list within the next 24 hours, I’ll expect a few “YOU PRAT! GET OFF YOUR ASS AND STOP LEAVING US HANGING” messages from some of you. I have a week off, so there are no excuses..

 I must sleep now.