So I guess I should tell you all how this quarter ended. My Medical Terminology went without a hitch. I do believe I came out with 100% on the final, and in the class. The next final was for my Tai Chi class. I took a video of the chapter “kata” we had to learn, and gave the class a copy. I’m glad I did, because I would have never learned all of the moves by just going to class twice a week. The instructor placed us in groups of four, and had us practice as a group during the last four classes. The grade was just a pass/fail mark so unless you fell on the ground, and played dead, you would pass. My group was all of the big guys, and for a moment I felt like I was acting out the ballerina hippo scene from Fantasia. Everyone did well, and we all passed. Wednesday was my math final. I studied a lot for this exam, and I thought I was ready, but as usual, I choked. I passed, but I don’t think I did my B+ grade any good with my results. I have come to the conclusion that math was only invented to piss people off, and those who love math are demented. Lastly was my Advanced Composition final. All I had to do was write two pages about what I was bringing away from the class, and turn in my five page essay about my personal encounter with a piece of art from the Portland Museum of Art. I chose Spain. By Ray K. Metzker. I thought it was the most powerful image of the 40+ black and white images of his that were on display. I had some really, REALLY good professors this quarter, and I will miss being in their classes. So grand total for this quarter, I hope to end up with three A’s, and a B. Each quarter, I am inching my way closer to a 4.0 GPA.

Now I am on kind of a summer vacation. I only get a week off, and then the summer quarter begins. This time round, I will be taking Nutrition, and Micro Biology. Sound like a blast, I know! I almost can’t contain myself! Heh, tomorrow I have to go purchase my books, then fix the breaks on the Jeep. If there is any spare time left, I plan on reading “I finally broke down, and bought a Kindle”, and sleeping. So far the weather has sucked as usual, so I don’t have to worry about getting too much sun.