For some reason, lately, I have been watching old episodes of the Waltons. I’m not sure why. Maybe the show reminds me of when I was
younger, and my family was still intact. Anyway, I was watching one this evening, and at one point, the mother and father were talking while getting ready for bed. The mother asks if her husband has seen the hole in the roof of the hen-house. He said no, so she proceeds to tell him that “the hole is big enough to sling a cat through”. My smartass super powers immediately sprang into high gear by wondering just how one knows if a hole is big enough to throw a cat through it. Does that mean she has  previously thrown a cat at the hole, but the cat never made it through until now? Does she not like cats, or are they merely instruments of measure, to be flung at openings to determine its specific size? People might think I am weird for thinking about this throughout the rest of the episode, but if I don’t who will….