Here are some more movies I have watched, and my crappy reviews of them.


2010 – Starring Dwayne Johnson

I watched this last night, and ended up liking it. Dwayne Johnson has done some goofy movies lately, and I am glad to see he went back to what he does best, which is beating people up. He plays “The Driver”, who is being released from a ten year stint in jail. What got him in jail was being part of a bank robbery that was successful, but ended up going real bad when the robbers were robbed by a rival gang. One of the gang members cuts his brothers throat while they are looking for the money that’s hidden in Johnson’s house. He vows to kill all of them if he ever gets away, and ends up doing just that. There is a lot of shooting, muscle car action (just one car), and some pretty good fights. Dwayne Johnson is build like a truck, and fits his part perfectly. If you are in to revenge movies, this one won’t disappoint.

Billy Jack

1971 – Starring Tom Laughlin

I seemed to be on a 70’s kick lately, but here we go. I saw this movie back when I was younger, and I thought it was the coolest movie ever. Looking back, I must have been a dumb kid, because the only part I liked about this movie were the few and far between fight scenes. Laughlin plays Billy Jack, a mixed blood Native American/ex-special forces/Viet Nam vet martial arts guy who doesn’t take crap from anyone. He is responsible for keeping the peace on the local Indian reservation, and has to constantly deal with the neighboring white trash for harassing the natives every time they step food in town. Tension builds over the constant harassment, a rape, and some kids being beat up which leads to a show down between Billy Jack and the local crackers. I remember a lot more fight scenes the first time I saw this movie, but then again I was a dumb kid remember….The movie was filmed in the early seventies, and the film quality never lets you forget it. I guess it’s an ok movie if you have nothing else to do, but if you are a collector of old timey DVD’s, I’d pass this one up.

No Country for Old Men

2007 – Staring Josh Brolin, Javier Bardem, and Tommy Lee Jones

This story takes place in the middle of nowhere Texas where Llewelyn Moss (Josh Brolin) is out hunting, and stumbles upon the aftermath of a drug deal gone bad. Everyone is dead except for one guy who is bleeding to death in one of the shot up vehicles. The dying man asks for water, but Brolin ignores him. He seems to know that if there is still a pickup full of narcotics, that there should still be a bunch of cash laying somewhere. He finds the money and takes off without being seen. Later that evening, stupid ass Llewelyn feels sorry for the dying man, and decides to bring him water. To make a long story short, He is chased off by the drug dealers leaving his truck, and id. Now he is being stalked by an assassin (Javier Bardem), and whatever Mexican drug cartel that owned the money he stole. Bardem is a cold blooded killer who prefers offing his victims with an air actuated ram used for killing cattle. Brolin does a decent job of keeping one step ahead of them all including the local sheriff played by Tommy Lee Jones. I won’t tell you who dies, or who gets the money, because the ending was pretty unexpected. I like this movie. I specially liked Javier Bardem’s character, because he was so cold blooded, and mean to everyone. I would highly recommend this movie, and might even add it to my collection.