This last week has been both crazy, and unproductive. I did a little yard work, I worked on the Jeep, I paid a crap load of money for the break shop to work on my Jeep, and I spent a butt load of money on the campus book store. Sounds fun huh. Over the last few quarters, I have sort of let my living/study area fall into  disrepair, and I am tired of looking at the mess. I tried to clean things up, but really only ended up shredding papers. So far I have three grocery bags full of shredded paper. I still have two waste high stacks of papers “mostly school papers” to go through, and throw away. I have been keeping the notes from all of my classes with the intention of using them for study material, but I have so much of it now, I just want it all gone. Maybe I should shred it all, and try to reform the tree that originally provided all this paper. Well tomorrow is day two of my de-crapping rampage. I hope I can get rid of it all before school starts on Monday.