I wrote these observations down a month or so ago, and forgot to post them. My advanced composition class was right at entrance to the building. The doors opened up to a lobby where you could either take the elevator or the stairs to the second floor. I loved sitting in the lobby area waiting for my class to start, because I got to watch the wildlife pass back and forth on their way to class.

– Why is it when a fat person and a skinny person walk in the door, and the fat one wants to take the elevator, but the skinny one wants to take the stairs, the fat one says goodbye to skinny like they will never meet again.

– Some guy walked up on a group of people who were laughing about something, and he got real nervous and began laughing with them; then nervously asked what was so funny.

– The icky woman just sat next to me again. I only call her that because every time she sits next to me, she gives me a quick look then pulls the chair next to me about a foot away before sitting down. I didn’t know a person could still carry cooties at 43 years of age.