I watched the latest installment of No Reservations this morning. They were driving all around the high deserts of California. Places that no one knows about, or cares about. Now that voice that nags me from time to time is back. I miss the desert. I know I hate really hot weather, but I still like the desert. Nothing beats driving on a hot day, and watching the sun set as you make your way to some place. I have driven through the Painted Desert at sunrise, and I’ve seen the sun set over the ocean from a deserted beach on the coast of Baja. I like the desert at night when the stars and the moon shine so bright you’d swear the sun never set. Nights when there is no one around. I like driving on roads that shimmer in the heat through tiny towns that no one has ever heard of. I like being so far away from places that the only sounds are the wind blowing through the sun dried landscape. I like being so far away that the radio makes pass after pass until it finally stops on whatever music reaches me only to be lost again on the next hill. I don’t like being alone, but that’s usually how it turns out. The voice in the back of my head is telling me I need to go on a trip to someplace. Maybe I should plan something and go, or just go without planning anything. Maybe that will quiet the voice that keeps telling me how much I miss the empty space.