HAHAHAHA! Here I am, as usual. It’s the day before I leave on my sanity road trip to California for a week, and as usual, I have nothing packed, noting ready accept making sure all of my gadgets are charged. Ever since I bought a new computer, my Itunes library has been all messed up and close to being unusable “ I personally want to thank all of the Apple media Nazis for that”, SO, I will be spending the majority of the time between now and when
I leave tomorrow morning, fixing my music library. All I have to do is organize 6,000 more songs. Seems like a lot of work, but I need something to listen to
on a twelve hour drive, or I will get testy, and try to run people over.

Oh, once again, I’d like to take a second to curse the rat bastards at Apple for making me feel like a criminal for buying their friggin music. I hope they all get a good case of hemorrhoids.