Recent Vacation: Day 2

I purposely didn’t plan a whole lot of things to do on this trip, so I could spend a lot of time with friends I haven’t seen in ages. I really miss them, and wasn’t able to see too many people the last time I was in town.

Day two started off with Ian, and I eating breakfast at a local breakfast place in Los Altos. I haven’t seen any of my friends in years, so there were lots of things to talk about like Ian soon becoming a dad for the first time. Recently, I found out that Ian works with a few of my good friends at one of the larger tech companies in the Bay Area, so we were all going to meet at one of the company’s cafeterias for lunch. Once we all met up, we went our separate ways to find something delectable to eat. While I was waiting in line for fish and chips, my old boss walked past me, stopped, backed up and took another look to make sure he wasn’t seeing things. He asked me how I got here when I was supposed to be in Washington, and I told him all about my trip then I invited him to have lunch with us. It turns out that my old boss, and the buddy of mine I was meeting for lunch sort of work on the same project. It’s truly is a small world. It was good to be able to hang out with all three of them.

Later that day, I got to meet up with another friend for dinner, and a special movie. Just like the rest, I haven’t seen her in a couple of years. We text/chat every now and then, but it’s not the same as seeing someone in person. We walked to a local sushi restaurant, and got to do some catching up which was good. I miss my friends, so being able to just hang out with them, even if it was one at a time was the best part of the trip. After we ate a respectable amount of sushi, we had to walk a block or two to where the movie was being shown. It turns out that the City of Campbell puts on a series of movies right on the main street where there is a big space between two buildings. You get watch whatever the movie of the week is from the comfort of your own lawn chair, and eat popcorn that’s provided by all of the businesses on the little main street. This was the last movie for the season, and they were showing E.T. I haven’t seen that movie in years, and all of the little kids with their parents reminded me of when I saw E.T. for the first time with my parents. I thought the movie was pretty good for a little kid movie, but my friend said she didn’t like it. How could you not like E.T.? hahahahaha I still had a good time. If anything, I had a good time hanging out with her. With my school schedule, I don’t get out too much, so this was almost like a field trip. Too bad I couldn’t do that more often.

In case you were wondering what the black picture is, I took a picture of the movie with my crappy camera phone instead of my regular camera. Believe it or not, that is the scene where the family dog sees E.T. inside the house for the first time…..As I am sure you could already tell. hahahahhaha