I was all ready to let off some steam with a nice long rant. I haven’t bitched about too many things in a while, but when I looked at the list (yes, I keep lists of things that irritate/piss me off), I noticed that most of my bullet points were just thoughts. I guess I’ll just throw them all into a few big lumps.

1) Why is the Dyson guy so obsessed with vacuums?

This guy is worse than the IPhone people. He develops a new friggin vacuum every eleven seconds. Is the world that dirty?  He is a brilliant man, and his net worth is said to be in the billions, but why use all that talent on vacuum cleaners? We get it, dust is icky, and regular vacuum cleaners are not yellow. Does this mean I have to watch your damn commercials 500 times a night? Looks to me like the rest of the world doesn’t get the obsession just like me. My vacuum works fine and I could have bought five for what a Dyson costs. Can we all just get along with dust? Maybe then the commercials will go away.

2) Reality television.

Why the hell do we give such a crap about how famous people bumble around and shit on the rest of us? I swear there are hundreds of shows about people who clearly walk a fine line between insane, and ridiculous. I don’t care what the name of the show is. I think all of them should really be called “You are all losers, because you are not rich, and famous like us. Wouldn’t your life be better if you were more like us?” Personally I think all of the Jersey, keeping up with whatever should be banned from television, because young people are looking up to these people no matter how ridiculous they become. If half of these idiots actually watched their shows, they would probably hang themselves out of embarrassment. I guess being rich and ignorant is the new black, so I should put it out of my head.

3) Television as a whole sucks.

I have spent the past few days sitting in front of the television out of pure boredom. I could have left the house, but the weather is shitty, and I still don’t know if my finances are in the toilet, so I decided to save some cash, and veg. Friday night was a night of crappy re-runs. Saturday, was a day spent watching jail, police, drug war, and court shows. Not on the same channel, but on twelve different channels. My faith in humanity already hangs by a thread, and after 8 hours of that nonsense, I can’t believe there are any fibers left to that thread. I guess in a way they kind of made me feel better, because I’m just bored out of my mind in my living room, and not in jail with a pack of animals. I shouldn’t call all of them animals, because I’m
sure some of them are there because they want to be there, and not because they committed a string of heinous crimes. On top of all the jail shows, I flipped through about 40 shows that have been re-shown about a thousand times already. Did everyone at the broadcast station go on a vacation? Television is getting to be as bad as the Christmas Story marathons during the holidays. Yeah, I like the movie too, but do we all need to see it for twenty-four hours straight? I think three different networks do that now. And why would I want to buy a show I’ve seen a million times on DVD? The big cable networks are trying to make a buck on everything now a days. Cripes! Show me something new!

4) Ghost hunting shows.

For some reason I love these shows. Maybe it’s because I’ve worked in a few creepy places in the past, and I can almost identify with what’s going on. Then again, maybe I’m really an idiot? Every one of these shows is about these “ghost hunters” looking for ghosts. If business is booming, then why haven’t they shown me a friggin ghost? EVERY show is full of “holy crap what was that?!!” and what do we the viewer see? Nothing that’s what. I’m as guilty as the rest of you. Each week I’m right there yelling at the television, because the dopey camera man wasn’t pointing in the right direction so I could see the “holy crap!” thing myself. Are these shows the ultimate bait and switch? Am I really a rube? Why do I keep watching? What pisses me off the most is some television producer is giggling, because he knows I will keep watching.

5) Money. Does it make people lose their minds?

I think it does. Hell, watch reality television; you’ll see loads of insanity, and the majority of it revolves around having too much money, and no sense. Hell, if I won millions of dollars, I’d give it away just, because there is that possibility I might be caught in a tree with no pants barking like a dog twenty years after “hitting it big”. I’m not saying that having a lot of money is bad, but when you see people winning the lotto then buying twenty cars, and six thousand pairs of shoes, you wonder. How much money does a person need? If you had billions, wouldn’t giving some of that away for good
reasons, or causes make you feel a lot better about yourself? Here I am again possibly talking out of my ass, but it’s what I think about when I look around, and see just how money hungry our society is.