I keep running across old pictures of kids in their Halloween costumes. Personally, the older hand-made masks are much more creepy/disturbing than the new packaged mass marketed costumes of today. Here are a few…

I love the 20/30′ style devil horns. I’m not sure what is going on with the woman standing next to the debble, but it must have been funny. Snapshots of time are cool.

A little flour, water, news paper, and paint make for some creepy masks. Well done!

Look out! It’s the spooky pie plate face ghost things…boOoOooo Yes, I know it’s a pumpkin. heh

Run for your lives! It’s the Halloween mosquito thing! Instead of candy, he gives the gift of malaria. hahahah

I’d love to track down the bug’s grand children. What a conversation we could have…. “So that’s your grandpa….hmmm”

What makes these pictures great is the fact that the costumes, for the most part, are hand-made. It just goes to show that creepy spans the test of time…