Yesterday, I received a text from a friend asking how my battle for financial aid was going, and I realized I never posted the outcome. Well I went to see an advisor about the letter I received that said very explicitly that I was no longer eligible to receive financial aid. I had dropped a class about a year ago, and was told I needed to make up a five unit class to cover the class they paid for, and I didn’t complete. That was completely fair, and I completed my one class which enabled me to continue getting assistance in paying for school. This time around they said the policy had changed, and I needed to appeal my suspension. The appeal process used to be limitless, and as usual, people have been taking advantage of the appeal process. Now we only get two appeals for the entire time we are in school. That’s fine too, because I am not a boob, so I don’t need one. They are intended to cover a student if their house burns down, or they get injured. My issue was nothing life threatening so I didn’t want to use one of my appeals, but the advisor said it was the only way I could get my aid status fixed. I sent in the paperwork, and about a week later, they sent it back denying me. “I knew that was going to happen, because I read the form, and I didn’t qualify!” But I humored the stupid advisor and did it anyway. Now I am thinking I won’t be able to finish school, because I am pretty much broke “being a student doesn’t pay very well”, and will need to find full time work pretty quick. I packed up all of my paperwork, and headed to the financial aid office. I showed the girl behind the counter all of my paperwork, and she said all I have to do is make up five units, and I can get my aid reinstated! I asked her why the stupid counselor told me to appeal, and she said some of them don’t know all of the
rules. NICE! Now I burned up one of my two appeals. Appeals are like fighting zombies, you are better off with two bullets than just one. I told her I should get my wasted appeal back because I was misadvised by one of their advisors, and she said there was nothing I could do about it.

So to make a long story short, all I have to do is make up the five units “which I am doing now”, and they will turn my financial aid back on. Thanks to a few cryptic e-mails, I thought it was all over, but instead it was just someone rushing, and not paying attention to what they were doing. I have come to the conclusion that the business end of Clark College is half…..maybe more than half retarded, and don’t give a shit about the students that attend their school. I now realize that to them, I am only one cow in a herd. I need to really buckle down so I can finish, and get the hell out of there. In a
demented way, I miss the real world.