Last night I was up until three in the morning, so I’m pretty tired, and my eyes are blood shot. I think I’ll go to bed now.

Before I do, I just want to say that: moving a 200+ pound TV cabinet into the back of a little truck, removing the same heavy cabinet back out of the truck on a road as steep if not steeper than some San Francisco streets I have driven on, dragging the same cabinet up a steep staircase with about 35 steps and on to a small landing about 30 feet in the air, through a teeny doorway, down a hall, around a corner, and finally into a teeny office was strangely satisfying. My brother sold the cabinet to a woman on Craig’s List who turned out to live 45 minutes away, and worked on the 2 ½ floor of a building on a steep hill. She didn’t own a truck, and looked to be about 80 pounds soaking wet. Her husband was a little on the pint size of things, so unless we delivered it, the cabinet would still be taking up a lot of space in my brother’s garage. We were only supposed to drop it off, but she looked like she didn’t have a clue about how she was going to get the cabinet up stairs. My brother offered to move it for her, and since I was being paid in food, I lent a hand. I think she was a little stressed watching the two of us heft the cabinet up the stairs, but the Letterman boys are strong like bull, is no problem. Heh

My brother got a whole fiver for the extra effort of bringing it “inside” for her. I didn’t mind. It felt more like a good ole fashion good deed. However, many times in the past, I’ve acted as a forklift
for friends and relatives, so if she ever wants to move it out of her office; I would charge her about $150 to cover the major pain in the ass.