I have been studying bones for over a week now, and I am no closer to knowing them all now than I was last week. I know “the” bones, but I can’t get all the friggin little parts of them to stick in my head. On top of that, I have an exam on the lecture part of the class the same week. I know most of it, but I am afraid if I spend any time going over that stuff, I will lose what little bone information I have saved up. Honestly, I don’t know how people do this. People in the medical field should wear friggin capes. Just the
fact that they got through medial school of any level is a miracle. I’m not supposed to be stressing about this because it doesn’t help my memory, but HOW CAN I NOT STRESS about failing this class? Sure I can take the class again….and I’ll graduate when I’ m 73, and I’ll never get a job.

Who am I trying to kid. I’ve been a dumbass my whole life, so what was going through my mind picking one of the toughest professions to get into? I’m afraid to check my blood pressure. I’m taking meds to keep it down, but as stressed as I am right now, my body has probably kicked those pills’ asses every time I take one. Maybe it’s the whole money thing that’s throwing me off. Pardon the joke, but I can no longer afford to pay attention. I’ve got SO much to do, and have been doing so much that I don’t know what direction to
go in….What I do know, is a poor mark on either of the two exams next week will mark the end of my pipe dream of a college education. I refuse to retake this class, and it wouldn’t be fair to take seat away from someone next quarter that may be doing fine. I don’t want to turn into the type of medical person who I hate which are hacks.

I don’t know….I just don’t know. I know I’ll hang in there like usual, but a poor mark on this friggin material will blow the air out of any momentum I have left for this…