It looks like I just started paying attention for the first time in a few days/week. Things have been busy. I dropped the class I was struggling with. I realized that jumping from high school biology (where I received a D over twenty-five years ago) to a 200 level biology class was not very smart. I had the same problem with English. I know I speak English, so I shouldn’t have issues with it, but all of the rules were a bit cloudy since I left high school many many years ago. Once I got a little refresher course under my belt, I earned straight A’s from then on. This afternoon, I will be looking for a lower level biology class, so I can refresh a few things I kind of learned long ago. I’m not ready to give up just yet, but I do need to follow what I learned from my old “So you decided to go back to school” class, and attack this issue I have with higher level science from a different angle. I know this throws off my whole game plan, but I’m OK with that.

On the home front, I survived another birthday. I even had fun hanging out with the family. I also went to the dump. I know that sounds a little weird, but I like dumps. You can break things, throw things, and see big vehicles driving all over the place. Maybe it’s a boy thing….When I was younger, and still in the construction trades, I used to go to the dump all of the time. The Guadalupe Landfill always had a lunch truck inside the entrance that had amazing Mexican food, and there were usually dump employees messing around with odd things that had been saved from the trash like a five gallon bucket of old golf balls, and a baseball bat. I knew a lot of the guys who worked there, so I got to crack a few golf balls off into the trees while I waited for my lunch. Sometimes it’s the little things that give us the most enjoyment. Anyway, this time around I was tossing an old desk that weighed 350 pounds. We had to break it down into pieces in order to fit it in my Jeep, but it was fun tossing those pieces at old televisions and such. Like I said, sometimes it’s the simple things.

I’ve also decided to get rid of a lot junk. Things I have been holding on to for some sentimental reason or another. I don’t need them, and they are taking up a lot of space. Mostly knickknacks, but they still take up a lot of space, and in some cases, I don’t need to be reminded of the times when they came to be in my possession.

Today the weather has been all over the place. When I woke up it was so foggy I almost couldn’t see across the street. Now the sun is out,  and the sky is completely clear. Tomorrow, however, is supposed to be wrath of God type weather with gale force winds, rain, and maybe even lightning. They keep teasing us with the lightning part, but nothing ever comes from their warnings. Personally I like lightning, but we never seem to get any.