Oh look. I found Forrest Gump playing while I was flipping through the channels. Yes, I watched it. I hate that friggin movie. I think it’s one of the most depressing movies I have ever seen, yet I watch it every time I see it playing somewhere. The plot is simple:

1. Average guy gets crapped on as a child.

2. Average guy continues to get crapped on throughout his whole life even though he does great things.

3. Average guy’s luck seems to be turning around, and BAM! He gets crapped on again.

Good people always get shit on. Why is that?

I just finished reading a Christmas Story by Charles Dickens. Everyone knows the story. Scrooge is an asshole until the three Christmas spirits show how bad his life will be if he doesn’t become happy and joyful. What they didn’t tell him is that’s how it is for lots of people. Scrooge should have kept the money. Screw them.

I seem to be in a pissy mood today. I can’t seem to get away from the “BLACK FRIDAY SAVINGS!!!!” Holy shit if I don’t spend! Spend! spend! I suck as a human being! HOLY SHIT! How can I resist camping in front of a Best Buy store for a week so I can buy a TV? I hate how businesses have used the media to whip us all up into a Christmas shopping frenzy. This is why I hate Christmas; it brings out the bad in people. Just yesterday a woman sprayed another shopper with pepper spray because she picked up the last of something. I don’t get it. Christmas to me, is a time to spend with family. I like to use the time to reflect back on happier times when loved ones who are no longer with us were still alive. I miss those times. “There has to be something you would wait in line for isn’t there” you ask. Yes, there are a few things as a matter of fact.

1.) I would wait in line six months for a change to hug my dad again.

2.) I would also like to see my grandparents again.

3.) I’d like to see friends who had to leave us earlier than they should have.

Screw the piece of shit I-pad, and flat screen televisions; I’d give all that I had for just one of the gifts I want. Christmas should be a time shared with those you love. You never know how long they will be here, so you should take advantage of any time you can spend with them.