I only have a few questions tonight.

1.) What is going on with the music played during regular television shows, and commercials?

They seem to be using music that has nothing to do with what is happening. It’s kind of funny. All of the home improvement shows play heavy metal while things are being built. Some guy will be digging a hole for a tomato plant, and all you can hear is an electric guitar screaming in the background “GA! Ga! Ga! GAAAAA! All I picture in the back of my mind is the kid back in high school, who had hair down to his knees, and made a living selling pot to all his friends except now he’s balding, and lies around the house in his underwear. He never made it to the big time, but he can still tear it up when someone is filming the planting of a lawn, or when a driveway is patched. Just today I saw a new commercial for a mom and pop furniture store, and they were playing 80’s rap music in the back ground. I can see the owner now, insisting the editor use his “Hammer Don’t Hurt Em” cassette he found in a box of crap in the garage while he was looking for a pump to inflate his kid’s basketball. . I guess MC Hammer can’t touch those prices. He probably tried to fit in his old hammer pants for the commercial, but gave up when the butt ripped out.

2.) What’s wrong with plane old drip coffee makers?

I guess the new black in coffee making is using a machine that uses a little plastic cup full of whatever to brew one cup at a time. Are people just trying to be clever in the morning? Now instead of buying a pound of coffee for $10.00, and brewing about 60 cups of coffee, you brew 24 individual cups of coffee for $38.00. And throw away a plastic container with each cup. Seems like a waste to me, but it looks to be gearing up to be the next big thing. The last company I worked for made us use a similar machine to make our coffee. If you wanted a Latte, you ended up with a cup of coffee, and three to four foil packets to throw away. When the new owners came through and asked how we liked the new coffee maker, I replied “every time I brew a cup of coffee, a puppy dies”. He was a little taken back, so I had to explain how we already had a coffee maker that didn’t deplete a whole plastic forest every time we made coffee. I don’t think he got it, so I left. I like coffee just as much as everyone else, but I also don’t want to fill up a land fill with plastic shit every time I have my morning cup.

3.) Why do the chefs on the Next Iron Chef commercial look so mad?

I really couldn’t give a crap about who they pick for the next iron chef, because I don’t watch the show. But since the network has decided to tell us they are looking for a new chef every three seconds, I began to notice that every one of the chefs looks pissed off? Are they planning on holding a culinary cage match to see who will reign supreme? Hahahaha I’d pay good money to see that. Bobby Flay getting hit in the face with a frying pan while Paula Dean rubs butter in another chef’s eyes then tries to light them on fire. Now that would be a show. A culinary death match.

I have a few more questions, but I am tired, so they will have to wait until later…