This has been an odd week for movies. Today I watched “Driving Miss Daisy”, and “The Help”. I’ve seen parts of driving Miss Daisy a few times, but never all at once. It was a nice movie if you didn’t think too deeply about the plot. On the other hand, the Help made me want to throw something at the television. Yes, it was a cutesy movie about a book that was written to expose how badly the black domestic help were treated by their wealthy, southern, white employers during the 60’s. Let me state that racism of any kind is disgusting, and after watching this movie, I almost felt embarrassed to live in a land where that type of behavior took place. I don’t know if the movie was intended to be a light comedy or not? I fail to see any comedy what so ever in segregation. A few days ago I watched a movie called “The Rabbit Proof Fence”. It was a true story about three little girls who were taken from their families by the police, and placed in a camp.  They escaped then walked along the rabbit fence for over a thousand miles to get back to their families. What disgusted me was the Aboriginal children were taken from their families lawfully, because they were half white. The government was trying to save the half white children by removing them from their native families, and placing them in segregation camps. There they could learn a trade “domestic help for white families”, and later mix back with the white populous in an attempt to breed the native out of them, and producing “whiter” offspring.

I know things like this have been happening since time began, and continue to happen to this day. What I don’t understand is how a person can look at another person, and see them is less than human just because they look or act different. What makes one so much better than the other? Is it the money? I don’t know, I think the person who gets by with nothing lives a much richer life than me, and all my dept. I could list a million reasons why people hate other people. I could also list a million things we could all learn from those we don’t understand. Be nice to each other! Everyone should try it some time. You never know, you may hear the funniest story ever told, you might taste something spectacular, you may even learn how to do something in a better way.

Give it a try…It’s free.