This is one of those nights where I am pretty tired, and should go to sleep, but I am too stupid to do so. These are the nights that call for a few stiff drinks, and maybe a cigar to help with the pondering. I miss times like this when I used to just sit on my porch in the wee hours of the morning, drink a lot of scotch, and do nothing but watch the occasional car drive by. Scratch my slovenly unshaven chin, and do nothing. I don’t know why I feel like I need some alcohol induced decompression time, but I just do.

Maybe it’s because my belly is rumbling to get me back for eating so much random crap today. Today….I mean Monday was one of those nibble days where you just keeping eating little bits of anything. I swear I’d yell at a baby for a hand full of potato chips right now. I’ve had the craving for two days, but I refuse to go buy some…..

Wow, this post makes me sound like I’m drunk, but I’m really not I swear. Maybe I’ll try to trick my head into sleep by opening a book, and pretending to read. Before my brain knows it I’ll be sleep drooling all over the pages. I hope I don’t get a paper cut on my face…..good night/morning.


 I know Mr. T has nothing to do with this post, but when I Googled “sleep” and “reading” I got this? I don’t know what the hell he has to do with either of those tag words, but I do pitty the fool who doesn’t like Mr. T…… Now I might get to sleep…