When I say today, I really mean yesterday, because I couldn’t get off my butt in time to post this yesterday. DID YOU SEE THE CLOUDS! I’m a cloud person, and today I got to see some cool ones. The sky was kind of half clouds, and half blue sky. The clouds were all pretty high, and really dark. They were so full of water that as the rain came out of them, the bottoms looked like black/grey wind blowing down towards the ground. All around them the sky was a bright blue. When the sun began to set, one cloud had a rainbow coming out of it in a way that made me think it was peeing a rainbow. Sounds weird, but that’s what it looked like. On my way home the clouds started to look like they had super bright silver linings. It was amazing.

Right about now you might be thinking “a cloud peeing a rainbow might be something I would like to see”, do you have any pictures”? Why no, as a matter of fact, I left my camera at home thinking I was going to get rained on. I need to place a long string on my camera so I can wear it around my neck.