Badass! I just found out my college algebra professor freaks out if you don’t do your work a certain way regardless whether or not the work is correct. I started off with a B on the first exam, but that score was bumped down to a C, because I didn’t place my answers under my work, and I performed some of my calculations on the left side of “the stack” instead of the right. Apparently she doeesn’t know that the box containing the answer is indeed an answer unless its directly below each problem. I guess she also can’t tell busy work from the neat stack of work. “I scribbled some of my work on the wrong side to save space” (insert sad face here). There were only a few problems per page, so I thought it would be pretty clear…..I guess not, because I got penalized 1-2 points out of 5 on about half of the equations for not stacking ALL of my work…..So even though I technically got a B on the exam, the stacking issues cost me a whole grade. Damn. Maybe she should have put “IF YOUR WORK IS NOT DONE IN A VERTICAL PILE, I WILL KILL YOU ALL!!!” in the syllabus, and we would have been too afraid to do otherwise. Personally I didn’t think it was a big deal, because my work is very neat. Oh well, now I know for next time…….