The Colony is a stupid show, and I’m getting tired of seeing the commercials for the new season every 11 seconds. How realistic can a fake apocalypse be? In real life, people go feral faster than cats, and would’nt think twice about killing to get needed food/water/shelter. Then again if it were real, the show would be over in about half a day. I’m still tired of seeing the commercials….






Show number two has succeeded on irritating the shit out of me before the first episode has even aired. “Big Law – Deputy Butterbean” has got to be one of the more ridiculous shows to hit the airways. I had a lot of respect for butterbean back when he was a fighter. Then he gained 1,100 pounds, and his boxing career took a dump. I guess that morbid obesity makes him the perfect candidate for sheriff in whatever thick necked town he lives in. He’s so overweight he can’t even turn his head, so I don’t know how he could possibly do anything other than waddle after a criminal. Maybe people will just want to watch the show to see how long it takes him to stroke out while trying to fight crime.

These types of shows are ridiculous, and what makes me hate them even more is the volume of advertising used to try and trick people into watching them. Tonight was a crappy night to watch television, and the six hundred commercials for these shows made it worse. I should have just gone old school, and read a book.