The people who run Apple can bite my big fat ass! I’m so glad that the folks running ITunes are now offering television shows in HD. I’m also glad they stopped offering them in the regular format….The regular format that plays on my IPod. Now I won’t be able to buy any new episodes of my favorite shows unless I buy a damn IPad for the bargain basement price of only $600.00. That’s better than the original $300.00 I paid for my video IPod. I don’t want a fuckin IPAD. It doesn’t fit in my pocket like my IPod does. Way to go Apple, you’ve finally figured out how to force people like me, who refuse to upgrade my devices every eleven seconds like everyone else, to buy something new. Everyone else that swallowed your blue pill seems fine with you outdating your products faster than they can un-wrap them, but I am not. I’m sorry, I refuse.

Oh yeah, and please don’t send any of your Apple branded storm troopers to my house for using your name in vain, because I’ll poke you in the eye.

The End!