I feel like Professor Binns. I sat at the restaurant for so long I died, and my ghost finished eating. “Beaches at PDX never has problems with reservations”, and now I know why. I think the longest our server was gone was 45 minutes. Yes, it was Mother’s Day, but there were only two or three tables occupied the whole time we were there, and I counted four servers, one manager, and one owner type meandering around the dining area at various times? We waited so long for a to-go box, that I could have saved time and carved one out of the extra chair at our table. It seemed like the only time the help swarmed our table was when I started texting myself things to remember when I review them….No, I will never eat there again. If I was ever killing time waiting for a flight, I would not only miss my flight, but my flight would actually reach its destination before I ever got out of there.



Yes, that was a Harry Potter reference.