There are a lot of things going on today.

1.) (BAD) I usually turn on a small fan before going to bed. It keeps the air moving, and adds some white noise that helps me sleep. Last night the fan was blowing in my face, and kept me semi awake all night. Why I didn’t get up to turn it off or at least throw a shoe at it still baffles me.

2.) (GOOD) I got to sleep in this morning.

3.) (BAD) After a week of nice weather it has gone back to rainy and depressing.

4.) (GOOD) I left really late for school, and still found a parking spot right in front of my first class.

5.) (BAD) I thought I had a homework set due today.

6.) (GOOD) Due to a slow lecture, the homework set is now due Friday.

7.) (BAD) I ate on the way to school, but my stupid stomach is still growling.

8.) (GOOD) I bought a pork Bento plate from the school book store. “That sounds weird, but they sell small things to eat which comes in handy on days like this.”

9.) (BAD) I took my snack over to a study place. Plugged in my laptop, and realized I didn’t get a fork.

10.) (GOOD) I carry a Leatherman multi-tool in my book bag, so I was able to chop a fork-like device out of the lid to the bento box. “I got a few weird looks, but now I’m well fed.”

Today has been a 50/50 day; some good and some bad. I still have a few more hurdles to clear before the day is done, so I hope things continue to even out as they cross my path.

I realize this picture has nothing to do with the 50/50 post, but it’s an ice cream truck, and everyone likes ice cream trucks…