Here is a movie I have watched, and my crappy review of it. “This one is a little different, because it kind of made me sad…”

I saw the new Three Stooges movie today. What did I think of it? “Meh”, it was OK I guess. Sure there were some funny parts, but the characters were not quite right. It was like taking a big bite out of something labeled “Chocolate Bar” only to find out it was flavored with carob instead of milk chocolate. You have that excited anticipation followed by a semi-sweet letdown. Sure it’s OK, but it’s not as good as the real thing. That’s what these movie people need to understand. Comedy like The Three Stooges and the Little Rascals are from another era which makes duplicating the humor impossible. And I’m OK with that. I don’t want to see them reproduced, and I don’t want to see them colorized. I want to enjoy them as they are.

I’m sort of a Three Stooges snob. I only really liked the original line-up which was Moe Howard, Larry Fine, and either Shemp Howard or Curly Howard. When Shemp, and Curly were replaced with Joe Besser they were still pretty funny, but not as funny. Then when Joe Besser left, they should have wrapped it up, and called it a day. Curly Joe was never that good, and watching the new movie this afternoon gave me the same feeling. It was like watching Friday the 13thX. It wasn’t as scary as the first, and you just couldn’t stop thinking to yourself “they should have quit after one or two”.

I really hope this is a one-time thing, I think future movies would make me sad…

If I were to rate this movie, I would only give it a ***/*****