I have a request!


I have to try this! It’s on the top of my culinary bucket list. I found a company in Sweden that will ship to the US, but I think $80.00 (mostly shipping and handling) for a small tin of fish is a little expensive. There has to be some swollen cans somewhere here in the US that I could get cheaper than that? Someone has to have an uncle, or grandmother who has a few tins stashed in the closet?

I have no intention of copying the boobs on the internet by taking a microscopic taste then jumping around the yard acting like I am throwing up. I think that is disrespectful to those who like it. I understand it has a strong taste. I’m also  really interested in a few “special” traditional foods from around the world that I keep hearing about. I’ll never be able to afford to fly to these places, so I have to try to find them here in the US.

Good example: I just tried Balut (cooked fetal duck egg), and liked it, so who knows, I may like fermented, canned fish too. The next on the list is Lutefisk, but I will have to wait a few months before I can try that. A local Scandinavian group here in Vancouver puts on a big dinner once a year, and I’ve been invited by a family friend. I can’t wait.