For some reason I have breakfast on the brain, so I think I’ll throw out a few breakfast type questions for all of you who read, snoop, peep, and gawk at my blog.

1) You’ve been out all night; you are still half asleep, and starving. Where do you go for breakfast, and what do you eat?

– Personally I go anyplace that serves a good artery clogging combination of 2 eggs (over easy), bacon, shredded “crispy” hash browns, sourdough toast, and coffee. If I’ve been drinking the night before “not that I would ever do that in excess”, I like lots of water.

– Even though I listed a pretty exact menu, I don’t like a fussy breakfast, and if I’m tired and cranky, I don’t like fruit. I even prefer old plates, and silverware that look like they’ve been used for forty years. Old diners really appeal to me. Yes, I’m weird like that. Sometimes I think a good worn table, and an old coffee mug makes the food taste better.

2) If you find yourself eating eggs and hash browns; do you eat them separately, or do you mix them?

– I don’t know where I picked up the habit, but I like to mix up over easy eggs into the hash browns. The eggs sort of act like a savory glue which makes the hash browns easier to eat. Some people don’t, and prefer to poke their eggs with toast?

3) Diner, restaurant, or home? Where do you prefer to consume your recovery meal?

– I don’t have any hair, so I don’t get that Yeti look in the morning. That makes heading straight to my feeding station easy. I do like to sit in a booth while I eat my breakfast. I like to people watch. If it’s been a rough night, the conversation is held at a minimum unless something odd or amusing needs to be pointed out to the people seated with me.

There, three simple questions. You can answer them if you want. The world won’t end if you don’t. I do find it amusing that 7000+ thousand people have viewed my blog, but only a hand full have ever said anything. Sometimes I get the feeling my blog is something people see when they look out a bus window. It’s there for a moment, but the bus is moving, so in a second it’s gone again.