I was poking around my laptop, and found a folder full of old ramblings. This one was pretty funny, and I don’t think I ever posted it. Well here you go…….enjoy

Today has started off pretty wet. I left the house at 6:30am and walked 4 blocks to the bus stop in the rain. The bus trip only took about 25 minutes only because the driver was doing about 50mph instead of the posted 35. Then the rain increased when I got off and dumped on me for the three blocks I walked to my first class. One upside thought, it seems that cigarettes are still legal tender on public transit. I watched a few cancer sticks get passed around, one in exchange for a call on a stranger’s cell phone and two for bus fare. The person who bought a cell phone call had three phones in her pocket but one was out of minutes, one only received calls and the other was “fucked up”. I’m not sure if she was carrying the broken one thinking it would heal over time or what? She seemed to be on her way to the home of the girl who dumped her the day before so they could go down town and talk to someone about a court date.

For the most part, that was as exciting as the trip got. I did notice that people like standing in the rain around here. It’s in the low 60’s and raining yet people just stand in the open with no jacket or umbrella and wait for the bus? I guess being born and raised in  California makes me squishy and weak. I should spend a week sleeping in the bushes out back and see if it toughens me up…..