Here is a movie I have watched, and my crappy review of it

                                                                   Knockaround Guys

(2002) starring: Barry Pepper, Tom Noonan, Vin Diesel, Seth Green, John Malkovich, and Dennis Hopper

I’m not sure what I expected when I rented this movie. It had Dennis Hopper and Seth Green in it. I am a big fan of both. Matty Demaret (Barry Pepper) and a friend are sons of major mobsters, and they’re growing tired of trying to make a living while being related to the mob. No one will give them a job, and both are living off of an allowance. Matty thinks it’s time to join his father’s organization. His father thinks he’s weak, but gives him a small job to see if he has enough brains, or guts to finish it. Pepper hires one of his knuckleheaded friends (Seth Green) to pick up a large sum of money on the west coast, and bring it back to his father (Dennis Hopper). Knucklehead loses money, friends try to get it back, crooked sheriff (Tom Noonan) finds the money, lots of shooting, money finally gets returned. In between all of those commas there is a lot of skinny pathetic looking mobster wannabes trying to act tough. None of there were really believable accept Noonan who plays a pretty realistic small town asshole cop. I actually fell asleep twice during this movie. It was sort of a non event…There were a few funny parts, some people actually got killed and I didn’t see it coming, but other than that, I’m glad I watched it through Netflix. Over all I give it a single “Meh” rating.