I need to get motivated to do something……I still have a have a bunch of oddities to eat, and three movies to watch. I think I should start slow…..where is my coffee?

Yes, I realize I’m just getting up, and it’s almost 10:00am. For some reason my brain told me to wake up at five in the morning? I told it to mind its own business, and went bad to sleep only to dream about a job I left seven years ago. For some reason I went back to see how things were. I walked past the security desk, like I used to do almost every day (good security). Then I wandered the halls looking for old friends. The place looked bigger. It almost looked like an airport terminal, and it was full of young twenty somethings. None of them looked familiar. I tried to find my old office, but it had been changed into a large meeting area, and still no one was paying any attention to me. For some reason I wanted to be seen, so I took off my shirt and still, no one saw me. I decided to leave. As I was heading out through the front doors, I did notice a few old co-workers walking in front of a big group of people. I didn’t bother saying hi, and just walked back to my car which was now an old truck I haven’t owned in fifteen years? I have no idea what this dream was telling me other than “Now that you are looking for a new job, you can’t go back to what you used to do, because it’s different now, and no one will hire you”. Well that’s what I think it meant, but then again I’ve had dreams about flying ice-cream trucks, so it could mean nothing…..Hahahahaha Having a flying ice-bream truck would be cool though. I think I’d rather have that than my old job back…


Yes, I did find a picture of a flying ice cream truck…..