Well this has been a semi-interesting weekend. I was supposed to go move a few man sized rocks around in the back yard of one of my mother’s friends, but it rained like hell all day Saturday “thanks news weather fail guy for telling us it was only going to sprinkle”. Since we couldn’t move any heavy stuff in the rain, we decided to go see the movie “Brave”, because my nephews have wanted to see it for weeks. The movie was pretty good until the angry bear fight towards the end that scared the hell out of both of them.


After the movie we all went over to my brother’s house for dinner and a few rounds of Wii mayhem. The nephews are 5 and 6, and are turning into little Wii addicts. You haven’t lived until you’ve had your ass handed to you by a six year old while playing a video game. While we were playing, my brother comes in and asks Hayden and Carson why the entry light was on and asked them to go do something about it. I thought he was just being lazy, and should have turned the light out himself, but as soon as he said something both boys jumped up and went screaming into the foyer. When I followed, I saw there were strings attached between the door knobs, and light switches? It turns out they saw the movie “The Borrowers” the night before, and these were borrower traps. I guess Borrowers are mouse sized people who borrow things, and Haden and Carson wanted to catch some if they were in the house. I told them they could make a drop box trap out of a shoe box which we did using a shoe box, and a PEZ dispenser. I asked them if the borrowers liked cheese, because if they did, we could entice them into the trap with cheese. I didn’t know Carson actually did bait the box with real cheese when no one was looking, so after they went to bed we had to write a small note that said “Borrowers don’t eat cheese” to keep him from doing it again. The next time I see them, I’ll have to ask if they caught anything.


Sunday I did absolutely nothing. The asshat behind us was up at the crack of dawn hammering away at his back yard, so I was up at 8am whether I liked it or not. He’s been doing this every weekend for years. I don’t know what the hell he is building, but now when his family stands on it, the fence is about mid-chest on them and they can stare into my yard. I don’t care about them looking into my yard, but I am getting really friggin tired of hearing him either hammer the shit out of some kind of wood, and screw screws into wood with his really loud ratchet drill. He must have visited the Winchester Mystery House back in my home town, because Sara Winchester was told by a fortune teller that as long as she heard the sounds of construction she would live forever. Maybe my neighbor is trying to do the same. Either way he bugs the holy shit out of me.