I finally got my hands on a whole durian fruit! I’ve been trying to find one for ages. Turns out it was waiting for me at the local Ocean King Market that’s just around the corner. It was frozen when I bout it so I had to let it thaw out over night in the back yard (it is known for being smelly). The skin is covered with really sharp spines, but thanks to my trusty K-Bar knife, I was able to cut it open with a little effort. The fruit inside looks like a giant bean. The part you eat is actually a seed pod. It has a very creamy texture that is lightly sweet, and has an oniony flavor. They have a reputation for being extremely smelly (like rotting garbage) when fresh, but mine only had a slight funky smell. The powerful smell is muted when it’s frozen. Most shipping companies, hotels, busses, and homes refuse to allow the fruit inside, because of the smell. I’m kind of glad mine was frozen. I guess I liked it, because I ate half of a large one. I’m bringing the other half over to my brother’s house tomorrow for a BBQ. My new box of oddities showed up today, so I may bring some of those over as well….Lots of eating to do in the next few days.


MMmmm yummy stink.


Seal of approval.