Definition of politics: “The wedge that divides the American people”. Personally I’m not voting this election or any future election, because all politicians are overpaid puppets. They’re ALL into it for the money and the book deal, and NONE of them really give a crap about the state of our nation as long as they still get paid their movie check at the end of the month. If they did give a crap, they would tell ALL lobbyists and special interest groups to get out or be jailed. There also wouldn’t be any pawing nerd fights in congress which would free up all that time needed for fixing the flaming parts of our nation. There would be no thumbing of noses from one faction to another, there would only be team work. I bet if you took the money (bloated salaries) out of the political equation you may actually get people with genuine intentions in office. If that happen, our nation might…”might” save itself from the giant toilet it is currently spinning in. Until then, I don’t want to be a part of it. Me voting makes me feel like I’m cheering for blood at the Thunder Dome. No thanks.   Feel free to forward my comment to both parties.