Holy Crap! Never read about tacos when you’re hungry. I was reading an article in the latest Lucky Peach magazine about two chefs traveling around the south-west comparing California, and Texas style tacos. It was pretty informative, and reminded me how much I miss living in California. AND now I can’t get friggin tacos off my mind! Cabeza, al pastor, asada, carnitas, or even lengua. IT DOESN’T MATTER! All I want is a plate of tacos. I swear I’d slap a fat kid for a plate of tacos! The only problem is that the closest place I can get good tacos won’t be selling them for a few more hours….DAMNIT!

Just to be clear, Taco Bell doesn’t serve tacos….To me, a real taco is made of small corn tortillas, meat, a little diced onion, sliced radish, cilantro, and lime juice. Oh, and few plastic chairs, a couple of jalapenos, Mexican beer, and when possible the cart selling the tacos (so you can get more) makes it 100% better.